Selling a Home with Pets

Who doesn’t love a pet?  Well, unfortunately someone who is thinking of purchasing your home.  I’m not sure why, but that’s how it quite often works.  Kendell and I are huge animal lovers, but not everyone feels the same way.  Some people are NERVOUS around animals.  I had a client who completely backed herself up against a wall when a cat entered the room.  She couldn’t get out of that house fast enough.  Needless to say, she didn’t buy it.

You may not like this piece of advice, but the best thing you can do when you have a showing is to REMOVE YOUR PET FROM THE HOME.  It’s hard on Realtors to keep track of your pet when clients (and their children) are opening and closing doors.   If you can’t remove them, then put your pets into a carrier and attach a note warning buyers not to disturb them.  You really don’t want someone sticking their hand in the carrier and getting bit.  You really don’t know how your pet will react when they are alone and confined.

Keep LITTER BOXES CLEAN AND OUT OF SIGHT.  Nothing would turn potential buyers off faster than to open a door and there is a dirty, stinky litter box greeting them.  Cat urine is the worst, THE WORST!  Have a friend do a smell test just to make sure that your home doesn’t smell like pets.

Here are a few tips to help:

  • Do not put photos online showing your cat asleep on the bed
  • Put away food and water bowls when not in use
  • Vacuum every day, sometimes twice a day
  • Pick up pet toys, cat trees, carriers, cages and pet beds and put them awaypets