Pinterest is so popular right now.  It’s the perfect thing to do if you have an extra 6 hours in your day that you can spare!  It’s one of those sites that you get on and before you know it, hours have passed.  With Pinterest, you can search recipes, home ideas, plan a wedding, get exercise tips, you name it, it’s on there.  You can also create “boards” where if you find something you like, you can just “pin” it to your board to view later.   It’s actually not just a time waster, it is an excellent resource for home decorating ideas, remodeling tips, organizing ideas, etc.  Everything has pictures with it and can link you to the proper websites if need be.  It’s an awesome visual tool for people who sometimes need a little help with ideas.  There are tips on there to help you get ideas on getting your house ready to sell, how to stage it, etc.  Check it out!  If you get stuck or need some suggestions, Kendell and I are self-proclaimed Pinterest experts!!